The Technology

Performance surpassed by none

The Technology to Out-Perform your Competition and Dominate your Marketplace

Our technology can track and identify, in real time, your ideal prospects the very moment they become purchase ready. The technology can also track the moment your ideal customers perform purchase keyword search and visit pre-defined web pages online.

Once identified, we can follow them around the internet as they surf online and send them to our clients' websites. We can also provide our clients with the full details of these highly profitable prospects i.e. their names, emails, telephone and postal address so they can perform multi-touch, omni-channel marketing through 9 different marketing channels: Facebook, Google, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Email, Direct Mail & Outbound Call.

The highly intuitive, super fast platform is data driven and reveals intent insights at a level of detail like no other platforms.

As a result of your recent campaigns, we have experienced the strongest ROI ever yet resulting in 23.8% increase in sales growth.

Ian Lloyd 
Tele-Communication Expert

Key Features

Target based on the keywords search & page visit level

Track 100 million+ US consumers across 5 Billion url’s.

Over 200 million ‘in the market’ prospects tracked daily

Delivers over 250 billion impressions per day consistently

There are Billions of web pages we can advertise on

Partnered with 296 major ad networks and traffic exchanges

Works in 241 countries and territories and in any language

Geo-target down to post code or zip code level in any country

Tracks & scores online activities of 750 million people worldwide

Collects 10-15 billion real time InMarket behaviors

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